Who They Are: We’re a 4 members punk rock band. We started this project back in 2010 and our aim has always been to reach the biggest number possible of FRIENDS with our sound. To us all that matters is both to have fun and make good music…Come and Like us, follow us, come to our gigs, listen to our songs and we promise, we just won’t let you guys down, EVER! 🙂


Why I Like Them: I really dig the musical composition of this song. It’s a really up tempo jam with some great guitar and drum work.  There are some absolutely shinning moments of awesome in this track.  Every once in a while I get this almost Three Days Grace flash.  The vocalist is really solid. I love those big moments he has where he let’s it go. The only problem I had with the track was the lyrics were almost staccato in fashion. It’s not a big enough problem that it detracts from the song but you know me.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Since I review single songs and not albums I would certainly listen to more of their stuff. All the elements are there for this to be a playlist favorite of mine. I’m looking for something specific outta this band, and hope to find it in one of their other songs. I would certainly tell any one to give it a listen.


The Band is:

Wez ( Guitar & Lead Vocals/Choirs )
Luca ( Guitar )
Dany ( Bass & Lead Vocals/Choirs)
Fedy ( Drums )

Where You Can Buy It:


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