Loudguns – Loud ‘n’ Proud

Who They Are: Loudguns is an independent Hard Rock/AOR band from Finland, formed in 2009. Their first album Broken Highway (2011) gained a lot of attention by selling out in over 40 countries and making it to the magazines and radios.


Why I Like Them: It’s 80’s day at musicbank! I’m so happy I could dance! This is another really awesome 80’s metal style song. And every bit of it is perfect. From the totally 80’s hairband big guitars and soaring vocals if you like me are still some what stuck in the 80’s this is a can’t be missed song! I would love to see these guys on the road with Volbeat. The vocalist is truly amazing, I can’t figure out how he hits those high notes.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes. I have to, I’m a child of the 80’s. It would be blasphemy not to!


The Band is:

Lassi Vääränen – Vocals
Sami Pilve – Guitars
Heikki Kokko – Guitars
Jussi Kallava – Drums
Markus Sirén – Bass
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards

Where You Can Buy It:

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