Unparalleled Height – Strength Through Silence

Who They Are:  Unparalleled Height’s unique writing style takes influence from many artists and styles of music therefore giving a unique, unmatched sound. For Unparalleled Height, the focus of writing inspirational and motivational lyrics is equally as important as the sound of their songs. The band has high aspirations to help those in need as well as those looking for support and motivation in their lives.

Why I Like Them: Where would I even start? I can’t say I heard any thing in this song I didn’t like. I wasn’t sold at first though in all honesty. My first thought was that the lyrics seemed a bit off with their style of music. I however was wrong. I don’t listen to a lot of metal that makes you feel hope. I know that sounds weird, metal and hope in the same sentence but it works I tell you! As uplifting as the song is, it constantly beats you with some seriously sizzling guitars insane drum work and a solo worthy of gold stars on Rock Band if you know what I mean. All things being equal this was a bad ass track.

Would I listen to More of Their Stuff: Duh, yeah.

Unparalleled Height Is:

David Kelly
Justin Welling
CJ Masciantonio
Tyler Larkin
James Davis

Where You Can Buy It:

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