Among The Betrayed – Save Me

Clearly these kids came to rock! I’m loving that drum line so freaking much. It’s all nice and in your face, an excellent support system for that brilliant guitar work. It’s got my toes tapping and ready to bang my head until the walls come down. Speaking of the guitar work, I am super impressed with what I’m hearing. There is a lot of movement in the line and it’s got a hot as hell solo moment. There is some serious dirty going on with that line as well. Vocally I can’t find any thing that I don’t like. There is an edgy, raspy quality to the vocals during some points while during most of the verses it’s a cleaner style. He has a great tone and is making me feel this song. Love, loving the random screaming vocals!

Dear god I need this track. I just, like need this so I can put it on the server and my phone. I’ll just have it on endless repeat until I totally piss off my family and the neighbors. This song is really that damn good. I also have every intention of going in and listening to more of their songs. I thought this track was right up my alley and any one out there who digs on that rock/metal vibe is going to fall out of this one.

“It’s simple, we do it because we love it! We don’t go to rehearsal just to practice, but to expel our demons” –MAXIMUS

All being from the same small town in Richmond BC and with the same interests it was inevitable to find each other. Monty and Maximus met through mutual friends in high school and quickly bonded on their love for such bands as the Deftones and Nirvana.

“ The first time I met Nikki, I just got a job teaching guitar. I was right out of high school and I was substituting for his teacher at the time. We ended up talking music and I showed him the project I was in. Nikki was still in high school  and mentioned he also sang. The next time i saw Nikki was at a mutual friends house party. Our friend Cam just put together a new band and it just so happened that it was Nikki singing. After watching a couple songs we knew we needed to steal him! Hah. Soon after we found Steve-o on a Craigslist ad. Pretty sure he was the first guy we tried out! If it works it works you know? ” – Maximus

The Band is:

Maximus – Guitars
Nikki Omen – Vocals
Monty – Drums
Steve-o – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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