Amongst Thieves – The Lost Art Of Conversation

This is how you wake up on a Sunday morning! I love the upbeat nature of this song, This is an excellent example of the use of double bass in a more “radio friendly” format that I’ve talked about before. For those of us who were late to the Thrash/Metal party songs like this are an great introduction to a drum style normally associated with thrash. Andy must sweat buckets when they preform. Vocally I am in oceans of love with the track. There are clean and screaming vocals to this song and both are pulled off with the grace and ease of a seasoned veteran. I always get excited when I see double guitar players. These boys work amazingly well together. The guitar work is top notch.

I’m excited about this band! I have every intention of listening to more of their music. As a matter of fact I liked this track enough I want to get it on my phone. Playlist wise I kept thinking I wanted to hear them with Rise Against. They both have the same style of tight musical arrangements and clean/screaming vocals. I would also match this with Bullet for My Valentine on a playlist. I think I should leave you now cause the more I think of it the more I want to go and get this song on my phone. Make sure you listen to this song then get it for yourself!


Who They Are:

The Band is:

Josh Nash (Vocals)
Alex Morgan (Guitar)
Rickyy Kwong (Guitar)
Jason Bentley (Bass)
Andy Ackroyd (Drums)




Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1] spotify 


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