Black Ink Breakdown – Black Sea Burn

Reviewing live songs is a chore and a hoy all at the same time. Live is always fun but listeners are at the mercy of your sound guy. So I’m thinking I may have to listen to this song a few times, but right off the bat I gotta say the vocalist has some serious Eddie Vedder moments. Loving that right there. Like I said there are moments, but he’s certainly not a Vedder clone and I like that. He’s got a great style and tone to his vocals. The music was some where between grunge and rock with a nice upbeat tempo. I liked the guitar line, it was nice and upfront. Sadly though I think that the recording causes the vocalist to get a little lost behind the line. The song is amazing and I plan to look for a studio cut of it.

I liked their groove and really want to hear more. I would like to find some studio cuts to hear the players a little better. Honestly I think we have a great band here that needs to get a little more love. You could playlist this song with just about any other grunge era song and it would play well. I know that most people immediately jump to all the lower grunge songs that came out but in truth there were tons of rocking’ ass songs that game out of the grunge groups. Make sure you check this track out, you won’t regret it.

Who They Are:

We just love to play music! Whether it be for 2 people or 2 million..Just give us a stage and we’re 5 happy dudes…

The Band is:

Jay Rapp-Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Myre-Vocals/Drums
Ty Storm-Lead Guitar
Josh Bierly-Bass
Josh McDonald-Rhythm Guitar

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Where You Can Get More:

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