Angele – Plz’d 2 meet U

I’m having some issues with this song. I like her voice and I like (for the most part) the lyrics. But the musical composition is a little off for me. I would love to hear her backed by a more traditional band. Her voice is got this ethereal quality that I really love. It sounds like it doesn’t belong in this world at all. I realize my first impression came off a bit harsh. But I like to be honest in my reviews as to what I thought of a song. I think this girl has hella potential, but there needs to be a bit of growth in the lyrics and seriously I want to see here with a traditional band. I’m thinking with her vocals she could easily kick the crap outta the Goth scene and give Amy Lee a run for her money.

I am considering checking out more of her music because of her voice. This was probably my harshest review and I considered scrapping it and starting over. I hope my remarks at taken as intended as constructive criticism, with a healthy dose of vocal love.


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