Typeface – My Life

So I can’t help but think of some 80’s pop songs listening to this jam. Like something from a John Hughes movie. But I think it also has some things in common with some of the Queens of the Stone Age songs. This track is extremely well put together with some awesome modulations to the beat. While it’s over all up beat in tempo it has some nice lulls in it. The guitar work is kinda left in the background but considering how powerful their vocalist I can’t believe that is an accident. I did however like the guitar line. I thought it was really well done and added a little something special to the song. That vocalist though, let’s talk about him for a minute. He’s rocking a lower tenor reg that is really warm and full. He’s able to pull of some great highs without breaking a sweat.

I might be persuaded to listen to more of their stuff. I think for my tastes it would be less a constant on a playlist and more of a special list addition. While there was nothing wrong at all with the song, it just didn’t resonate with me on the whole. I would be interested in seeing if they have other stuff out there that might grab me. Considering the skill level of all players I think I just picked a “wrong song” for my personal tastes.


Who They Are:

Typeface is a dark stadion-indie trio from Karstula. “The band was originally born when we were asked to play in a Jaakko Teppo-musical. After the show we decided to play our own material only” -Vocalist Otto Piirilä

April 2013 Typeface released it’s first debut-ep A Thousand Years. The six-track ep gained minor attention mostly because the song My Life had quickly drawn over 20 000 listeners on spotify.

The band has played most of its shows in Middle-Finland, however they have also played in bigger stages, such as Helsinki’s The Circus and Tampere’s Pakkahuone.

Recently Typeface has been working on new music. With the help of Jaani Peuhu from Iconcrash they produced and recorded three new songs in Sonic Pump studios. The recording sessions began in february 2014 and the tracks were mastered by chartmakers the following august. However, the tracks have not yet been released.

In July 2014 the band was rehearsing for upcoming show at a studio owned by Ossi’s brother Niilo. The guys invited Niilo to jam with them and suddenly they all realised how great the upcoming gig would be with Niilo playing the synth. Niilo has also promised to play in future shows. There will be three members of the Oikari family in the future shows, since Aku is the cousin of Ossi and Niilo. Although the band practices and records demos in Karstula, all the members live in Jyväskylä.

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