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Love, love, love her voice! It’s got that almost child like quality that is impossible to replicate. You either have it or not. I always think of singers like Jewell when hearing a voice like this. She has really great rhythm and flow in an almost rap. Not some thing you would expect in a song like this, it’s almost like a regge flow thinking a bit more about it. The melody is really nice and could mislead you when it comes to the songs content. Listening to the lyrics it’s very clear that this isn’t a sweet let’s fall in love song. The person she is singing about is quite honestly a dick. I love that.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Maybe. I thought the song was really well done. Not my normal fair, but I did enjoy it enough that I would download it so I could listen when I wanted. I don’t have really any playlists right now that it would fit on. But I do from time to time get the yen to listen to pop style music. In those instances I would want this song.


Who They Are: 23-year-old Ashley Sofia is making waves. In the past year alone she was featured on NME, named a Caffe Lena emerging artist, got international radio play, and went on a North East Tour. The young artist barely out of college has inspired audiences wherever she plays. Born and raised in the heart of the Adirondacks, Ashley grew up playing music and writing. When she was just 11 years old, she picked up her father’s guitar and learned everything he was willing to show her. Today, and 60 songs later, she plays acoustic, electric, the 12- string guitar, piano, and harmonica. When Ashley went away to college, she wrote her first album, “Find Some Peace.” Her fresh folk pop sound has awoken listeners from her hometown to across the ocean. Known for her ability to sing you into a memory, she makes no apology for her commitment to the lyrics. She says her songs are “poems set to music.”

The Band is:

Ashley Sofia

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