Ascending Souls – I’m Not Going

Loving this intro guys! The drums along with that guitar is amazing, especially with those cymbals. Those vocals are so rough and just plain cool it’s killing me. This song damn near abuses you but you can’t help but want more. You have some clean vocals and there are some spots with awesome screaming vocals. Dominic Steele has an amazing command over his vocals. I mean dayum! The guitar work is stellar hands down some of the best I’ve heard in a while. I am in total music love with some of Dominic’s riffs. Gabe’s bass work is the glue that is holding these three men down. Love, love it. Billy’s drum work is a total frontal assault on your senses with a penchant for that cymbal.

I dug this track from the first second it started. These guys are hella talented. I love the fact that they have managed to develop such a full round sound with just 3 guys. There are moments when I get an old school Metallica vibe and then there’s times where I swear I’m hearing Zakk Wylde in that guitar line. I can’t tell you how much I want this on my server and my phone. I’m just going to create a list of heavy drum and guitar songs and add this one. That list is going to kick your ass up and down town. I’m thinking some Mudvayne, Metallica, Megadeath, Five Finger Death Punch and more!


Who They Are:
A Hard Rock / Metal band spawned from Detroit, Michigan. A fusion of heavy riffs, hard beats, and Succulent bass. It sure feels good on the ear holes.

The Band is:
Dominic Steele – Guitar/Vocals
Billy Tomaselli – Drums
Gabe Banas – Bass



Where You Can Get It:

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