Sauerkraut Sandwich – Cats are cooler than Dogs

I don’t get a chance to review a lot of comedic songs, so when I stumble upon one I’m always exceedingly happy. The Sauerkraut Sandwich song slays me.  I had to go over it a couple of time because the first viewing I was just so absorbed with the video. The song has a pretty simple music line that’s seriously background noise when it comes right down to it. Those lyrics and the delivery is what this song is all about. The title doesn’t lie, it’s all about how cats are cooler than dogs. For some reason I kept thinking of some of the Bloodhound Gang music listening to this song.

Yes, I want this song! These guys are killing me, I laugh every time I play it. I would put this on a playlist with some Weird Al, Bloodhound Gang, that one song by The Darkness (you know the one I mean) roll it up and get ready to laugh my freaking ass off.


Who They Are:

The Band is:
Marcelus Asch
Gustaf Gabel
Tom Wayne




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