Ashes Of Our Sins – Refuse to Fall

Very nice guitar work! There are some serious air guitar moments just in the intro for this song. I fell in love with it as son as the vocals kicked in. There’s this Gin Blossoms feel to it that I adore. Vocally this guy is amazing. I love his style and gravel, it’s not heavy but it’s very much there. I also took note of some nice soaring vocals and some really well done sustained notes. It has a moderate pace held together perfectly by their drummer. I think some times the simpler drum lines are the hardest you have to know when to pull back. Their guitarist is pretty damn bad ass, some of those riffs aren’t easy to play, he is able to show off his skills with out overtaking the song.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I would. I love the style of the song, but more importantly I love all the players in this band. You could put this on a playlist wiht some old 90’s jams from bands like the Gin Blossoms or the more upbeat stuff from the Goo Goo Dolls to Fall Out Boy and All American Rejects. I’m going to be checking out the rest of what they have out and see if I love the set of it as much as this track. I heartily suggest you do the same.


Who They Are: Hard Rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Formed in 2011. Debut EP, “Born in Blood” set for release in 2014. Being a voice for the outcasts, being the band for a lost generation.

The Band is:

Vocals: Zak Riott
Lead Guitar: Izzy Addams
Bass: Tommy hayze
Drums: Austin Balthaser

Website: Ashes of our Sins

Twitter: @AshesOfOurSins

Youtube: Ashes of our Sins

Where You Can Buy It:

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