I love how smooth this guy’s voice is! Talk about a little butter on your toast. This jam has a nice tight flow with a solid back beat that makes you wanna bounce. There is some really nice vocal layering that works well to highlight the main vocals which tend to be a higher register while the second vocals are a bit deeper.  I’m not a big fan or rap music but this is one I kinda like. It’s not as raw as some of the other rap songs I’ve heard and I appreciate that greatly. The track has a great feel to it for cruising in your car on a Saturday night. It’s easy laid back pacing allows you to listen and rap along or be mellow and get lost in the flow.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Not being much of a rap fan, a song has to really blow me off my ass to go on one of my playlists. While I may not be downloading this song right now I have tons of friends who love rap of all kinds. I’ll be sending them all over to this track to check it out. I’ve already shared it with one friend who is anxiously awaiting an EP and as far as I know is still sitting on Souncloud listening to more tunes. So for rap fans, I strongly, strongly urge you to check it out.


Who They Are: Charles Thomas (born September 9, 1993 in St.Louis, Missouri), better known by his stage name Chuck Stick’Em

The Band is:

Chuck Stick’Em

Website: Chuck Stick’Em

Twitter: @ChuckStickEm

Youtube: Chuck Stick’Em

Where You Can Buy It:



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