Asphodel – Clandestine

I want every one who reads this to listen to the song right now. Then and only then will you understand the true awesomeness of Asphodel. It starts out nice slow and sweet, but boy as soon as the song really kicks in it’s kicking in your teeth. Again it looks like we are dealing with 2 different vocalists. Their sounds are as different as night and day but they compliment each other completely. There are some sick melodies followed by some of the best growly vocals I’ve had the privilege to listen to in a while. I don’t want the band the think I forgot them! The guitar work is slick. Nothing to flashy(thank you), but certainly memorable. The drum beat has some truly amazing moments. And in all this wonderfulness they managed to add some sweet keyboard work in as well.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m kinda hoping that the guys will send me this mp3 so I can add it to my playlist. Regardless I am going to listen to more of their stuff and I may even spend some cash on this band.


Who They Are: Five Piece Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Band From Northamptonshire, Est. November 2012.

The Band is:

Jay Croucher – Vocals/Keys
Chris Denton – Guitar/Vocals
Craig ‘Brophy’ Boyd – Guitar
Jordan Pugh – Drums
Will Croucher – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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