The Curse Within – Out of Time

Are you ready for some thrashy speed metal? Then it’s time to queue up this song and prepare to piss off your neighbors! I’ve heard a lot of sloppy thrash and thankfully this song does not belong in that category.  I love the guitar work, nice and tight just like I like it. There are some grand hot dog moments with that instrument, don’t hate those moments belong right where they are.  I’m also pretty sure that the drummer loses about 20 lbs every time he plays this song. My legs ache just from listening. It’s awesome. Vocally I dig what’s being thrown down here, a good midrange register for the harmonies and a perfect gravely growl for every thing else.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m not a huge thrash fan most of the time. This song though I would put on a playlist. I like their vibe enough I would listen to more and I intend to share this with all my thrash loving friends. I know they will be able to appreciate this song for sure.


Who They Are: The Curse Within melds thrash, metalcore, and straight up heavy metal. Technical guitar riffs, soaring leads, powerful speedy drumming, and clean/screamed vocals are TCW’s signature sound. Combining genres of the past and present, The Curse Within finds a unique way to modernize the style of music that started the genre.

The Band is:

Eric Favot – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Johnny Mele – Drums/Vocals
Spencer Andrews – Guitar
Francesco Giuliano – Bass/Vocals
Where You Can Buy It:

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