Autumn Blair – No Place Like Home

While country isn’t my wheelhouse for music, I do listen to it and have some favorite country songs and singers. Nothing I would call recent though. This song makes me want to touch base with my country side however. Her vocals are amazingly strong (a must for any female country singer). Her twang is 100% country perfection.  Her sustained notes are to be admired (I wish I could pull that off) and her connection to the lyrics are undeniable. The music is a bit country and a little bit rock. I love that combo because it makes it easy to introduce a country song to someone who doesn’t normally listen to it. Personally I connected well with her story, because I’m pretty sure she is singing about my family. Ok, well minus the boot part.

Even though I don’t normally listen to country music I did like this song. I would love to get my grandma to listen to it, as she is the resident country fan in our family. So it would be cool to get her take on that. So I’ll be downloading this song to share with my country loving fam and friends. As for myself, I don’t have a clue what I would pair it with as far as the music I already have. My country collection is pretty old featuring artists list Garth, Randy Travis and Reba. So I could pair Autumn Blair up with those guys. OH, and Patsy Cline I love me some Patsy but I can’t think of any of her songs that would pair up with this one.


Who They Are:
As a coal miner’s daughter living in the deep valleys of the South, I’ve found my true calling as a vocalist. While my roots are deep in music (I’m related to Loretta Lynn), I have my own unique Country sound.

At the age of 8, I began my music career competing and winning various music competitions. Later, I went on to receive a golden ticket to Hollywood on American Idol. I also appeared on Lifetime’s reality TV show, Chasing Nashville. My proudest moment, however, is performing as one of the youngest musicians ever on the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame stage.

Some of my most popular songs featured on the radio in the region include, “Hear Me Now,” “Daddy’s Little Girl,” “No Place Like Home” and “I’ll Be the DJ.” You can purchase these songs and others on iTunes and Amazon. I’m excited to be planning my tour dates and recording new material to share with you soon!

The Band is:
Autumn Blair – Vocals
Clinton Scott – Guitar
Scott Skaggs – Guitar
Aaron Skaggs – Drums





Where You Can Get It:

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