Madmartigan – Working on My Vertical Leap

I’m a huge fan of the movie “Willow” so I was excited as soon as Madmartigan came up on my radar. Somehow though though this song was really not what I was expecting. Not that I should have had expectations, but you know how it is. I really love the slow and methodical pacing to the track. It’s got some really awesome floaty aspects, especially that voice. It’s high and sweet and the guy can hold a note. The music is excellent, with some killer slow hand guitar work and minimal drum work. There were a number of times that I was able to easily spot the bass line (good job guys) and the combine work of the players is amazing. I really love a good floaty piece.

I will be getting this song. I want to put it on a list with some of my other favorite floaty songs. I really like a lot, especially when I’m in one of those moods. Other floaty songs that I really love come from bands like Red, Chevelle, Staind, some Stone Sour and now Madmartigan. I would share my playlist ideas with you, but I think I just did. Any who… check it out.


Who They Are:
Founded in 2011, the four piece band Madmartigan hails from Austin, Texas. Boasting a sound as uniquely alluring as their city itself, they stand out as a group poised to make waves far beyond the crowded rock scene of the music mecca. Eric Foshee (Vocals/Guitar), Joey Lopez-Lopez (Guitar), Jon Kovar (Bass/Vocals), and Jon Deichmann (Drums) typically load into new venues unassumingly, enjoying the other bands’ sets with a Lone Star in hand. But when it is finally time for Mm to take the stage, ‘unassuming’ is the last word that comes to mind. Lopez’s beautifully melancholy guitar work, Kovar’s smooth, melodic basslines and tight vocal harmonies, Deichmann’s thunderous and technically masterful drumming, and Foshee’s effortless double duty of lead guitar and vocal combine to form a musically compelling, yet highly approachable wall of sound. Fresh off of the release of their second self produced, self recorded EP “Dracula(s),” Madmartigan continues to turn heads with their seamless transitions, interesting song structures, quick time changes, inescapable melodies, powerful vocals and thoughtful, engaging lyrics. The EP has been called “a dynamic post-modern rock experience” (Eva Cantillo, 7/30/14) and features six meticulously crafted songs spanning a wide range of emotions while showcasing songwriting and arrangement chops that are difficult to ignore. Unwilling to be ‘unassuming’ any longer, Madmartigan feels that they are ready to move into their place within the rock music world and look to be more than capable of doing just that.

The Band is:
Eric Foshee – Guitar/Vox
Joey Lopez – Guitar
Jon Kovar – Bass/Vox
Jon Deichmann – Drums




Where You Can Get It:

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