Autumn Stay – Sheep

Ummm… hell ya! I love the thundering drums in the intro of this song. As it breaks into the first verse the vocals kick in and I would love to know where this songbird has been hiding all my life. She has such a strong full voice and a great ability to connect with the lyrics. The vocals are smooth as silk but she can pull off an edgier angry style as well. There is something almost ethereal about her style. The guitar work is so bad ass. It’s not an overly complicated line, but it is done with such precision and grace that a complicated line isn’t necessary in the least little bit. The fact that it’s all backed by that brilliant drum work is just the topping on the Sunday that is this song.

Would I listen to more? Oh hells to the yea! I loved every thing about this song. It had a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. I could put this on a list with Halestorm, Forever Still, some of the heavier Stone Sour and Stitched up Heart. In fact I would just about kill to see a ticket with Forever Still, Autumn Stay and Stitched Up Heart. That would be one hell of a show I tell ya. Any way the short and skinny of it all is if you aren’t listening to this song you are just plain missing out on some excellent music.

Who They Are:
Autumn Stay consists of 5 very talented musicians in the Waco, Tx area. Dani Blizzard (vocals), Zak Clarke(drums), Stephen Troyce Harold Douglas(lead guitar), Cade Elms (rhythm guitar) and Ryan Herwald(bassist). The band formed in February of 2011 when Dani moved to Killeen with her roommate, Zak. She thrives on music and decided it was killing her not following her dream by forming a band and writing music. Zak agreed that he would love to play drums again and that’s when the search began.
Shortly after searching the members were found and Autumn Stay was formed. Autumn Stay is more than just about writing music. Every song written has been inspired lyrically by true events, and every riff written expresses a different emotion that they couldn’t convey with words. Autumn Stay expresses themselves in the best way they can, through their music.

The Band is:
Danielle Blizzard – Vocals
Zak Clarke – Drums
Stephen Troyce Harold Douglas – Lead Guitar
Cade Elms – Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Herwald – Bassist




Where You Can Get It:

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