Victor And The Bully – There’s No Sadness Holding An Ice Cream

Oh why this has such a wonderfully quirky vibe to it! This is just so much fun and retro it damn near can’t stand it in the best way. Listening to this track it’s impossible to believe that there are only two guys in the band. I keep getting this whole 20’s/30’s vibe from the style of the music. The vocal styling are almost beyond my ability to describe. It’s oh so cool! Uke’s never sounded so damn cool as they do in this song (sorry Eddie Vedder, you’ve been Uke owned!) The musical composition has so much movement it’s a treat to listen to the whole song just to see where the ride takes you.


Much like this review, the music was all over the place, but it was so awesome I wouldn’t want to see a single note changed. For those of us who love unique music this is what you’ve been looking for. It’s fun, upbeat and retro as hell. I have nothing on my playlist save for one Offpring song called “When your in Prison” (which really only shares the retro vibe with this song) that would be a genera fit. However I would find as many funky upbeat songs as I could to make a list for this song to rest on.

Who They Are:
Bringing a different vibe to the local scene with just 2 artists but the sounds of a big band, Victor and the Bully try a different type of sounds with only a Ukulele and Guitar with a whole lot of thunder behind them. Using violins, trumpets, pianos, accordions and anything we can get our greasy hands on to create a big and theatrical show.

The Band is:
Victor (Matthew Rogers)- Uke, Lead Vocals
Bully (Harry Mack)- Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ghostman 300 – Orchestral Backing




Where You Can Get It:

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