Avery Davies – In Tall Buildings (cover)

I am not familiar with the original song here, just thought you should know.
O, wait… I just got Rick Rolled, for real. This guy’s voice is absolutely amazing but doesn’t seem like it should come from him. If he was on the voice the coaches would be like “I didn’t even see that coming!”.  He has this deep raspy quality that I tend to think of when I hear Otis Redding or Chuck Berry. Do you know what I mean? It’s a voice that conveys an age and wisdom that makes you believe just about anything he has to say. You can feel his elation and his heartbreak is the tone and edge to the vocals alone. I think his choice to play with an acoustic guitar was nothing short of brilliant. It was the perfect highlight for his voice.

I loved his voice so much, I plan to listen to more of his stuff. I think Avery has a ton of vocal talent so I would like to see him doing an original song. That’s what I’m going to look for. While I love a good cover song as much as the next music fan, I really wanna hear original tunes. I am all about the lyrics, so I want to know what their struggles, wishes, hopes and dreams are. I would put this on a playlist with some John Mayer and/or Cold Play.


Who They Are:
I’m a musician out of southeastern Connecticut and you guys will probably be hearing some covers and maybe some originals too. Thanks much!

The Band is:
Avery Davies



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