Michael Burk – The Voyage

I’m going to call this one ambient, maybe even soundtrack music. Since I have an appreciation for both I can comfortably say that this is a really good piece. The guitar work is really nice and understated. There are some nice modulations in the rhythm so it doesn’t get stale. Sometimes I find that is an issue in instrumental pieces. The musical accompaniment is extremely well done and takes nothing away from the guitar line. It has an almost wistful feel to it.

I liked the song. But I’m not sure it’s one I would put on a playlist. I have started collecting a small amount of ambient music for my daughter, so I’m going to let her give it a listen later today. She tends to call ambient her fairy music. She is only 3 after all, but she knows what she likes.


Who They Are:

I was either 7 or 8 years old when I played my first few chords on the acoustic guitar (it’s been that long). In my twenties I performed various cover tunes with local bands “Aces Over” and “Then Is Now” in a few local night spots on the Mississippi coast and soon after I would perform solo for a short time. My perception of the music business was a bit different back then. Night clubs and bars seemed to be the only venue outlet for music but not necessarily where I wanted to be.

I settled down with my family in the early 90’s but music was always with me. With the coming of the computer age, recording software and opportunities through the internet, the door was wide open. Writing songs with a catchy tune and lyrics is fine but for me, I had to go deeper than that. Instrumental music tells the story in any language.

As a teen I lived aboard with my father on his sailboat. Our two year travels together gave me inspiration to write these songs. My first album “Ocean And The Wind” tells this story both fiction and nonfiction. I performed and recorded each instrument and mastered my album in my home.

The Band is:
Michael Burk




Where You Can Get It:

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