Bad & The Ugly – Borrego Dreamer

This is one of those crazy songs that for me defy a classification. You either like what these guys are doing or you don’t. I happen to think this song is cool as hell. The midish tempo is got this beat that I feel like I could drown in. The added clapping works well to fill the empty spaces of the drum line. The guitar work is really nice and simple, but perfectly matched to the odd rhythm of the song. Vocally I’m impressed. This guy has a nice higher tenor range and works it so damn well. The lyrics are really well done. I want to learn them so I can sing along.

My thoughts on this song are pretty clear, I loved it. It’s retro in some odd way I can’t really seem to put my finger on. I call it the O Brother Where Art Thou effect. I’ve heard way more complicated drum and guitar lines, but that kind of showmanship would kill this track. I love how strong the vocals are, and laid over that musical composition you can’t go wrong. I’ve been thinking about what playlist I would put this one and I realized this is one of those nifty track that would work in just about any list. Ok, so maybe not a good fit for rap music or thrash, but everything else I would throw it on there and see how it flows.


Who They Are:

Bad & The Ugly is a modern type of folk. Singer and guitar player Nate Hess is joined alongside Tyler Ferguson on bass (both former members of hardcore outfit A Shattered Hope) and accompanied by Eric Hesse and Travis Keane on guitar. The band just released their debut EP “Skin and Bones” worldwide on iTunes and will be performing around the states in 2014.

The Band is:

Nate Hess
Tyler Ferguson
Eric Hesse
Travis Keane
Derek Michael Hudson




Where You Can Get It:

itunes-logo[1] spotify  


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