Phantom Trap – Psycho Killer (Cover)

Man I’ve always loved the original version. That bad ass bass line that is so clear and present always puts a smile on my face. I gotta give these guys their due, Talking Heads aren’t easy to cover so tons of points for even trying it. I’ll give you and extra 10k points because the cover is awesome! That voice is brilliant and while it doesn’t sound just like David’s, I love what his voice adds to the song. The vocals aren’t the only spot on part of this cover. It’s easy to see this band has a lot of respect for the song and have done it crazy justice.

I would love to hear more of their stuff. It’s a bit hard for me to judge I think because I’m a fan of the song already, but this is such a great cover! I would kill to hear this as a studio cut instead of live. If I had any complaints that would be it. They have some other cover/demo stuff on reverbnation that I will be checking out as soon as I can get the time together to do it!


Who They Are:

Phantom Trap is a rock cover band from the PA/NJ area playing 80s rock, 90s alternative, today’s rock and some classics. Formed by former members of The Dizzy Edge and Rock Box.

The Band is:

Tom Kramer – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals …
Tom Marotta – Drums …
Richie Allison – Guitars …
Paul Glanzmann – Lead Vocals …
Pete Dannenfelser – Bass, Vocals




Where You Can Get It:



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