Beyond the Styx – Labyrinthectomy

Let’s start this party with some killer percussion then swing straight off into some awesome screaming vocals. I have no idea what this guy is saying and I could actually care less. This is absolutely brilliant work. It’s freaking me out just a little bit and making me wanna get up and move my ass. Oh my, and there are some clean vocals lurking around in there from time to time, LOVE IT. Ok, so for the music… The drum work is so tight you could bounce a quarter off its ass. This is the kind of drum line I need to see live.  I love the way the guitar skips merrily through the landmines that the drummer has laid down. It’s so dirty I feel like I need a shower after listening to the guitarist, and we know that is something that never fails to make me a happy camper.

Oh did I like this song. I’ve only recently gotten into hardcore shit like this through bands like Slipknot (I know I cite them probably too much), Five Finger Death Punch, Bullet for My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold.  I know of songs from all these bands that would flow seamlessly with this awesome track from Beyond the Styx. If you’re into slamming pulse pounding music this may be your new jam.


Who They Are:
In the twilight of the year 2011, at the gates of Tours, appeared BEYOND THE STYX.

Combo with original intentions resolutely Metal Hardcore,
The band experiences a strange musical production because of its particularly diverse influences.

BTS surprises as the incarnation of a “musical chimera” consisting of: raw riffs hardcore & metal, tinged with unhealthy intonations, ectoplasmic beatdowns and post chaotic flights; all connected by vocals with “borderline” traits at the limit of possession.

Around this musical hybridization germinate lyrics inspired by the meeting of the spectra of a mythological era with the soul of modern times.

Their music seems to be an odyssey into the depths of the human soul, between winds of furies, waves of despair and nightmares of the abyss … Like a “Raft of the Medusa” venturing against all odds, on the rushing waters of a horizon of torment, in search an improbable land…

Hardened more than fifty concerts (including 3 tours) in 5 countries. BTS has played several times with some famous bands such as: Nasty, Hacride, Tagada Jones, Klone, Ultra Vomit, Zuul FX…

Armed with a new line-up, BTS shaping the future by ensuring the succession of its preceding EP “sloughing off the shades” (DOME studio: TANK, One Way Mirror, Lyzanxia …) by an ambitious first album pushing to its paroxysm an experimentation as unhealthy as sharply incisive (producing DOME Studio / mixing Basement Recording Studio : Between the buried & me, For Today, In the midst of Lions, Liferuiner, the Human abstract…)

The Band is:
Emile Styx – Vocals
Twitter: @M1000et1nuit

Adrien X – Drums
Twitter: @adrienstyx

Anthony Mateus – lead Guitar
Twitter: @OnToneYouMat

David Govindin – rhythm Guitar
Twitter: @DGovindin

Yoann César – Bass
Twitter: @PikabOol





Where You Can Get It:

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