Krudo – Option Is Destruction

Full speed ahead! Another lucky find for me, as this has excellent percussion and some of the best guitar work I’ve heard in a while. Also, thanks for giving me some moments where I can hear the bass line.  The screaming vocals are really nice, I can understand what they are saying so it’s not guttural screaming. Oh, and there is an excellent 80’s metal scream in the mix as well. The guitar is blazing fast with some impressive fret work. I like that there are some darker riffs mixed with some just out right fast ones then for fun we have that solo. Great slide work and he is making that instrument sing for real. The drum stays tight to the guitar helping keep that blistering pace alive and kicking. Combined with that vocal style this songs is an all-around winner.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me from downloading this song to my phone and my server. The men in my house are going to go nuts when they hear it. Reminds me a lot of some old Slayer and Testament that my hubby plays. You are going to want to keep this paired with other fast and heavy songs in order to keep that energy flowing.


Who They Are:
Krudo is present in the ranks of the Chilean since 2001. Metal band formed in the town of San Sebastián , Region V cultivate passion for music through the fusion of genres like thrash and progressive metal becoming the single band of the area within the style. Between September and October of 2003 they recorded the demo “Protected” and produced by J. Pablo Donoso ( Sade Studio) and with the following line ; Cristian Arriola (Voice ) , Giordano Moglia ( Guitars ) , Lucio Perez (bass) and Roberto Zuniga (drums ) . The following year working on the production of video clip of one of the themes of Protected ; ” Eye of the Hurricane ” achieving a very good review of the media and broad dissemination via Internet networks . In early 2006 Krudo enters looking for another guitarist to consolidate and strengthen the compositions further strengthen their live sound and joins the band its fifth member , Mario Ruiz , achieving record in 2007 a single demo called ” Option is Destruction ” being structured and final alignment. In early 2012 , produced by Mario Ruiz and Krudo released their debut album ” Wacky ” with 10 tracks of technical and heavy metal, this album until 2013 have generated two audiovisual clips for the songs ” Murderer ” and ” Desert ” . In March 2013, for personal reasons C. Arriola away from the band leaving the voices by M. Ruiz, G. Moglia and L. Pérez ( vocals) . Under this training to date are working on a new album composition and production of 2 video clips.

The Band is:
Giordano Moglia
Lucio Pérez
Mario Ruíz
Roberto Zúñiga




Where You Can Get It:

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