Byron Siren – Same Method Different Pain

I’m a bit out of my wheelhouse on this song, so I’ll just review this from the feelings I’m getting from it. It’s a nice mellow song with a lot of harmonica work. I liked the harmonica, it threw me at first but after a bit it was very sweet.  Musically this is such a Dylan style song. It’s got a great folk feel to it and the voice lends this very grassroots color wash to it. For some reason though I find myself wanting to sit in a pub some where and drink a lot of beer.  Overall I liked it. Once I let myself just listen I found it to be a soothing song. Just the right lilt to it.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I wanna put this on my Woodstock list for reals! It just has that feeling for me. I can’t really explain it. Listen to it yourself and let me now what you thought down in the comments area.

Who They Are:  After writing and performing with numerous acoustic, indie, rock and folk outfits in Melbourne’s local scene, Byron brings his DIY attitude to his solo written songs .  But he’s rarely alone; friends and family help perform this blend of unrefined, melodic music. Byron Siren brings meaningful songwriting together with eclectic and sometimes nostalgic sounds of indie, rock and modern folk.

The Band is:

Byron Siren

Where You Can Buy It:

Official Byron Sirens Website

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