Never Let This Go – Right Now

This is a really tight sounding band. I’m loving the rhythm and groove they’ve got going on. I feel like should be pogoing all over my living room, but that would make it kinda hard to type. I like the message of the song. It’s kinda like a big finger to people who are assholes. Eh, eff em, if they don’t get you then you don’t need them vibe. The drums kick ass and keep an upbeat poppy pace. It’s the guitars that really drive home the Pop/Rock feel of this tune. Vocally we are in the zone. This guy has a nice clean voice with a good amount of range. This is really some of the better pop/rock I’ve listened to in a while.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’d certainly listen to what else they have going on. I’m not comitted to putting them on a playlist right now. But that’s because at the moment I just added a bunch of pop/rock to my lists. I would like to see what some of their other songs sound like. However for serious fans of this genre I would suggest you listen to the song, then go download it to your computer and then put it on your phone. I bet this song would be really fun cranked up on a road trip.


Who They Are:  Tempe-based four piece Never Let This Go continues to bring their upbeat mix of alternative rock and pop-punk to the Valley, earning their place as up and coming talent in Arizona’s thriving music scene.

The Band is:

David Kleinebreil -Vocals/Guitar

Austin Jones -Guitar/Vocals

Jordan Auge – Drums/Vocals

Vee Gilbert – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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