Christopher Giles – Lights in Stereo

If this isn’t an anthem song, I’ll eat a shoe. No salt even. Party of me is screaming boy bands watch out cause Christopher does what you do, but better and with less bodies. That makes him the winner right there. At the same time I have this voice in my head saying “you know you want to see this guy tour with Seether”.  This song has the same kind of anthemic feel as Seether’s song Tonight. At odd time by brain even said things like, “he could play with Blink!” All of the above are actually correct. The guys voice is so full of the promise of good times in this song. It’s a party in your speakers. The beat is some where between pop/rock and punk. He’s got a great range and is able to hit some higher notes with out breaking a sweat. I’m on my second listen to this song and loving the staccato run of the drums during the verses. When the guitars come back in they match the tone of the vocals and the drums. None of the instruments are in competition for attention which is good, because the voice is what your going to be paying attention to.

I will play this in my car, I’ll request it in the bar, I will play it in my home, I will listen with a gnome…
Ok, you get the point. I liked this song and I will most certainly be listening to his other offerings. This song was the right amount of upbeat, happy go lucky that I really like to have around. It’s one of those songs that if your having a bad day you throw it on and get happy. Playlist wise I would pair this with my older Green Day, some of the Neon Trees that I like and just about any anthem song you can think of. It would also be a perfect addition ot any party playlist you have or need to create.


Who They Are:

Chris’s Love for music began like most, at a very young age. Music was a way to escape, connect with, and provide a sense of belonging to the world around him. Chris’s brother started drumming as a teenager, thus providing an opportunity to see music from a different side. Instead of just admiring and/or gravitating to a specific song or genre , he was able to appreciate music from an artistic creative view as well.. Chris’s romantic and passionate nature led him to Soul and R & B, still being his favorite genre to this day. His larger than life personality, desire to move and be moved by the power of music also led him to appreciate the rock genre as well. These influential aspects of music have manifested into soulful, passionate lyrics with a powerful delivery.

The Band is:

Christopher Giles


Twitter: @ChrisGilesMusic

Youtube: Christopher Giles

Where You Can Get It

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