The Last Ones – Not Comin’ Back

I love the straight up old school rock feel of this song. They built this jam on solid classic rock style drum line that makes a great backbone for the guitar, bass and vocals. As far as the vocals are concerned, the gruff style of the vocals was a brilliant match to the style of the song. He has moments where the pleading tone of his voice is the perfect highlight to the lyrics. The is a truly inspired guitar solo  in the middelish section of the song that breaks into an awesome riff you have to hear.  I really dig the guitar work on this song, it’s putting a smile on my face every time I listen to the song.

Between the vocals and the guitar work I’m sold on this band. The drum work is a sweet, sweet bonus. I liked this song enough that I would like to have it for my playlists. I have a couple of classic rock lists that it would fit well on. I would look for some guitar heavy work, off the top of my head I’m thinking some Zakk Wylde.


Who They Are:

Classic and timeless yet fresh and hip, The Last Ones capture the raw explosive energy of their live performances with their ambitious self-titled [debut] EP. Frontman and lead guitarist Daniel de Luna compels with lamenting vocals and soaring solos while drummer Chris De La Rosa fearlessly forges the course as bass guitarist Vic Gilmore provides the anchor. Experience the movement that is…THE LAST ONES.

The Band is:

Daniel de Luna
Chris De La Rosa
Vic Gilmore

Website: The Last Ones

Twitter: @_TheLastOnes

Youtube: The Last Ones

Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp soundcloud_logo1_1_c6844f[1]  reverbnation-iconblack[1]


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