City of the Weak -White Fire Alarm

Dude I love this intro! I’m a huge fan of blazing guitars and this song has that in spades. The vocalist sounds similar to Haley Williams but dare I say better. Love it! Listening to this song a second time I was able to focus a bit more on the lyrical content of the song. You know me, I love lyrics! Lyrically I’m a fan of this tune, it’s got a message and the vocalist is so good at connecting to what she’s singing which in turn makes me connect to the song. That’s the key man, getting people to connect on an emotional level with your song. So kuddos for that. I gotta show some love and respect for the band to. I know I mentioned blazing guitars and I mean that whole heartedly. I liked that there weren’t any big hot dog moments. It wouldn’t work in this song. Then let’s give it up for the drummer, who certainly has his work cut out from him with the speedy tempo the song relies on.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: For sure. For me this song was a big win. I can’t wait to hear more of their stuff.


Who They Are: City of the Weak is modern rock ‘n roll that is so perfectly defined, combining catchy pop melodies with rhythmic riffs and moving bass lines to create a sound of their own. They are best known for their intensity on stage, as well as their big personalities off the stage. Their persistence and hard work has been paying off since the release of their first EP, “White Fire Alarm,” in April 2013. Receiving much-deserved attention from White Fire Alarm’s two music videos, both White Fire Alarm and In a World of Bottles & Bedsores were featured on BlankTV, Bryan Stars, & Rormix.

The Band is:

Stef w/ an F-Vocals
Twitter: @StefwithanfCOTW
Instagram: @stefwithanf_cotw

Jackson-Guitar/Backing Vocals
Instagram: @jackson_cotw

Twitter: @Sir_Brentalot
Instagram: @brent_cotw

Twitter: @CODYoftheWEAK
Instagram: @CODYoftheWEAK
Where You Can Buy It:

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