The Blue Cry – Cause I Love You

Oh the sweet soul! We have double vocals here a male and female which works so well for the lyrics of the song. Both vocalist have really strong sensibilities with their styles. They area perfect compliment to each other. I love the tones that the male vocalist has. He sports a nice deep voice that is very memorable. The female vocalist rocks a perfect alto range and is also very soothing to the ears. I think the musical composition takes a back seat to both vocalists, serving as a backdrop to their voices and the story that they are telling.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I saw they have several entris on Vimeo that I plan to listen to.


The Blue Cry: Cause I Love You from Ian Black on Vimeo.

Who They Are: That’s the way adult alternative rock artist Ian Black describes his music—it explores the range of human emotion, and seems to come right from the heart. Black’s songs are infused with decades of great music, rock, folk and, of course, the blues. His passion for music composition can be heard in every song he performs. Anyone can connect with the feelings that emanate from his songs.

The Band is:

Ian Black

Where You Can Buy It:

Unknown at this time.

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