JOSH WILLIS – Sweet Dreams (feat. TNG)

Who They Are: My name is Josh Willis. I’m 20 years old, and a solo hard rock artist from Pittsburgh. I have one album out in online stores called “Absolute Zero” My second record titled “Pitch Black” released into stores on December 24, 2013.

Why I Like Them: This song is an awesome jam! It’s got a hard rock rhythm and rap! I think that I would put this on a list with some older Linkin Park for sure. Though to be honest the pounding drums would seriously over power L. P.  OMG, there is also an epic ass guitar solo going on right now that has to be heard to be believed. This my friends is some hard rock perfection. If you haven’t heard Josh Willis yet you are completely missing out on a must have in your rock collection.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’m really disappointed that I haven’t listened to more of this already. I’m checking out everything they have. Looks like I’m in for some musical goodies later.

The Band is:

All musical instruments and lead vocals performed by Josh Willis
Features vocals by Hunter Bigler and Brent Bigler

Where You Can Buy It:

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