CONTINENT – Wasteland

Well most songs don’t have an elephant in the intro, so props right there! Part of me is a bit scared right now. This is a hardcore metal song that has a great nearly staccato drum line and some truly interesting audio effects going on. Vocally we have entered the realm of the growly scream. In my mind that means deeper registers, an almost gutteral growl/scream that is almost impossible to understand and an evil tone. This song really drives that idea further into my nog nog. I love the guitar work there in the background. It’s there but it’s not working to compete with the vocals. Good call on that one. It makes the guitar work seem almost ethereal in a way. Or maybe I mean less tangible. What ever it is it’s really damn cool. It has a very apocalyptic sound to it.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I’ll be straight with you. I’m not a death metal, thrash metal fan. At least not normally, though there are a couple of bands that I’ve learned to appreciate over the years. That being said, my hubby and my oldest boy love this style of music. I’m going to make sure they both get a chance to listen to it and I promise you it will end up on both of their playlists.


Who They Are: No bio available at the moment.

The Band is:

Evan Sennuck – Vocals
Justice Aquilina – Guitar
Adam Mclean – Guitar
Dakoda Sinderly – Bass
Chris Austin Ross – Drums

Website: Continent on Facebook

Twitter: @Continent

Youtube: Triumphant Records

Where You Can Buy It:


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