Rat Neck – Serpent Bitch

Good groove, funky bass, nice drum line. Ok, so you’ve got my attention. It seems what we have here is a punk/ metal baby. I mean if punk and metal had a baby it would most certainly be this band. For me this sounds like it has some influence taken from old DK and Metallica.  While the drum line isn’t super speedy it keeps a fairly good clip. I love the fact that the bass line isn’t totally hidden behind the guitar the whole time. Man bassists have it bad. With out them the music seems so hollow, and yet they almost never get any love.  The vocalist is all sorts of awesome. He delivers his lines in such a way that it has a storytelling feel to it. I like the mid tone with a bit of gravel he’s working with. It works well with this type of music. Guitar wise it’s very solid and has a total funk sound. I find it an interesting mix with the metal/punk rhythm of the overall song.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Maybe. I like this song quite a bit. I think it would work well on any number of punk lists that I have. While it has metal elements I don’t think I would put it with one of my metal lists. I like the pickups on the song with the adjustments in tempo. That really pushes the punk aspect in my mind. I don’t listen to my punk lists as much as my metal ones lately. But on retrospect I would listen to more of their stuff. After a couple of listens I find myself wanting to hear some more and put it on my DK playlist.


Who They Are: Rat Neck are a four-piece Punk/Metal band from Dublin, Influenced by old school noise. We have just put out our first E.P. available in Tower Records and bandcamp.com. We have supported Discharge on their European tour and been featured on 2FM with Dan Hegarty

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