This one almost immediately put a smile on my face. There is some thing so 80’s about this song though it’s not like I’m getting a call from that decade telling me they want their sound back. There is a grit to the singers vocals that is totally awesome. Think Sammy Hagar circa “I can’t drive 55”. I like the fast and loose sound out of the guitar. It’s a perfect accompaniment to the drum work and vocals. This is one of those songs you put on when you just want to have a good time. Lyrically this song is decent. I didn’t hear any thing that pulled me out of the tune to contemplate why no one bothers to explore the English language. Overall this was a really enjoyable tune.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes please! I love the 80’s vibe on this song and I’m really curious to know if all their songs are the same style. I can see them being able to do a lot of different genres of music.


Who They Are: Rock n’ Roll is back! Born out of a late-night car wreck and formed on the streets of Boston by Shaun Soho (lead vocals), Bo (bass guitar), and Alex Donaldson (lead guitar), CRASH MIDNIGHT has burst onto the music scene with vintage guitar riffs, pounding drums, and searing vocals. A collision of classic 70′s festival rock with a punk swagger, their trademark sound is packing clubs and turning heads. With their exploding following and high-energy stage show, CRASH MIDNIGHT performs with all the reckless abandon of a runaway freight train and is poised to carry the torch for a whole new generation of Rock n’ Roll.

The Band is:

Shaun Soho – lead vocals
Bo – bass guitar
Alex Donaldson – lead/rhythm guitars
Tony Pizzo – lead/rhythm guitars
Andrew Merkle – drums

Where You Can Buy It:

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