Vlad The Inhaler – No Way Out

Ok, so there is nothing like getting your teeth kicked in musically speaking right off the bat. These guys don’t hold back! I’ve heard faster songs but this one is really uptempo and just keeps on going. For reasons I can’t really explain I keep getting this Peter Steel vibe with the vocals. Maybe it’s the tone of the vocalist or the roundness to his voice. But for me it was certainly there. The guitar work is nice and tight while the drummer is certainly earning his keep. My very first impression what “This is rock and roll bitches!” and after listening to the whole thing twice now I still think the same thing. The lyrics get a bit repetitive after a bit, but that’s some thing that is common with songs. So I’m not knocking the song for it, just a note.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Sure. I like the music and the vocals so I’m into the idea of listening to more of their stuff.


Who They Are: Vlad the Inhaler is an all original band from Jersey City NJ

The Band is:

Thomas Ryan – Bass & Vocals
Rodrigo Bustamante – Guitars

Where You Can Buy It:

I’m unsure at the moment.

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