Crossroad Rebels – Beg for Mercy

Who They Are: Crossroad Rebels is a four-piece Post-Hardcore influenced Alternative Rock band based in Hawaii. Crossroad Rebels began in 2007 composed of high school friends. The members formed a tight bond and practiced constantly while honing their craft. Crossroad Rebels has been performing since 2009 in venues such as Hawaiian Brian’s, Edge Bar, Station, Aloha tower and 4play. Crossroad Rebels recently opened for Silverstein at Hawaiian Brian’s on April 24th 2013 playing to a sold out audience, Coheed And Cambria in August of 2013 (sold out), and Alien Ant Farm March 28th 2014.

Why I Like Them: This has an wicked awesome punky vibe. At one minute it seems almost like it’s all over the place and then bam! I am reminded of the old days when we would sit in my friends basement obsessing over bands like DK, Ramones, and others. I’m not a huge fan of the back up vocals on this track. For me it takes a bit of attention away from the music, but that is just my take. Your milage on that may vary. I can say that I see why they got to play with bands like Coheed and Cambria/Alien Ant Farm. I bet that was a helluva show.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Certainly. I really like the punk vibe on this song and I want to explore the rest of their catalog.

The Band is:

Nick Nakama(@nickrawkzout) Vocals/Guitar
Dustin Antolin(@Dustnthehuman) – Guitar/Vocals
Josh Gonzales(@jaydragon) – Bass/Piano/loop pedal/Vocals Mikey Bumanglag(@symplysymbolic) – Drums
Codie Escuadro(NEEDS TO GET A TWITTER) – guitar/vocals

Where You Can Buy It:

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