Cupid’s Victim – Bedside Manner

Who They Are: Cupid’s Victim was formed in March of 2011, when Tamara Gamez and Davie Perez met Vincent Karbowski and Adan Gonzalez. That following May, the group headed into the studio to record an E.P. that was the inception of the bands career. Shows were played, but then, due to prior obligations with school, Adan needed to leave the group to pursue a different path. While the tracks for the new release were getting mixed and revised, Tamara, Davie, and Vincent ran into their current drummer, Eric Enriquez, and immediately started getting their live set down. Shows soon followed, with gusto from the group and enthusiasm from the fans. Now as a full group again, CV has big plans to make the rest of the year an important one for all of our current and future followers. This is the next chapter in the lives of this group know as Cupid’s Victim. Join us. Be A Victim.

Why I Like Them: I was tapping my toes as soon as the song started. I don’t normally talk about drummers but I really loved this guy. Tight work for sure! Don’t think I didn’t notice the rest of the band on this track. I loved the guitar work and the vocals are almost to sweet for the song (I said almost!). Those high sweet vocals will haunt you in your sleep tonight in the best of ways. She reminds me a lot of Lacey Mosely. This song is just what I was needing after listening to several down tempo numbers.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Yes sir! I’m fascinated by this girls voice so for that alone I would listen to more. It’s like getting cherries on top of the Sunday that the band is just as good as she is.


The Band is:

Tamara – Vocals, Keys, Acoustic
D.D. – Guitar
Vincent – Bass
Dave – Drums

Where You Can Buy It:

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