Curses – Lies Like Tides

Loving the funky intro so much. It’s dark, it’s carny it’s just plain fun. The equally dark dirty vocals are extremely well done. Oh my God, there are clean vocals in this track as well, and they are beautiful! I love the back and forth nature of the two vocalists. It adds a brilliant depth to this song. The drums thunder along at a good clip and the drummer knows when to go hard and when to back it off. The guitar is almost lost during certain parts of the song due to the dirty vocals but then they come barreling at you with both guns blazing.


This is not a matter of if I want to listen to more of their stuff, it’s a matter of I have to listen to more. I loved everything about this song. I loved the vocals so freaking much. I can’t even form coherent sentences to sum up my feelings about those voices. Then there is the music which is thundering and dark and a bit devilish. I think you could match this song up with just about any thing and every thing that rocks ass. My mind is racing as I consider everything from old Metal to Nu Metal. You just gotta listen to it.

The Band is:
Brandon Casto: Vocals
Eli Fry: Vocals
Davey Nicewander: Guitar
Michael Olivares: Bass/Vocals
Shane Cyrus: Drums
Tyler Meadows: Guitar/Vocals




Where You Can Get It:

Bandcamp spotify


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