Sanguine – Rebel Yell

I’m a huge fan of the original Billy Idol version of this song so I was stoked to do this review. The music is absolutely spot on with just a few modifications to make this their own song. The most important aspects of this song were kept in place like the grungy, fiery guitar work and the thundering drum line. I also liked the idea of having a layered duet vocal line. The male vocalist has the perfect bit of grit to his voice making his vocals a perfect marriage with the song. The female vocalist has a very strong voice which is necessary to keep in line with that guy. This song has a lot of power to it so you have to have balls (vocally) in order to carry it. I thought the dueling vocalist did a good job throughout the song however I did feel like there were times where it felt flat at the top end.


I loved the power and the overall vocal styling of this track. The little things I thought were off weren’t enough to put me off this band. I would love to listen to more of their work because all the players know what they are doing. I would mix up a playlist a bit by putting this with some other 80’s rock hits and then throw in some heavier styles mostly because of the speed and power of the song itself.

Sanguine are a four piece female fronted alt-metal rock band from the UK. Formed by singer Tarin Kerrey in Exeter , this rock band blazed a quick and fiery trail in the Southwestern UK playing powerful live shows that garnered praise from Rock Sound and Metal Hammer, and even attracted the attention of metal legends Joey Jordison (Slipknot) and Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden). Smith would later ask Tarin to guest vocal on his Primal Rock Rebellion project, which was released worldwide in 2012.
2012 was a busy year for the band: They self-released an appropriately self-titled and self-produced record at the start of the year, supported Megadeth in London, played Download Festival, flew out to Ibiza to play Hard Rock Hell, and ended the year in frosty Sweden recording their debut studio album “Black Sheep”. The album was produced and mixed by Swedish genius Daniel Flores, mastered by Mats Lindfors, and includes a collaboration on two tracks courtesy of In Flames guitarist Jesper Stroemblad.
In 2013, the band made some final adjustments to their live set, re-tooled their line up with the incorporation of Ross Andrew on bass, and went back on the road supporting Cancer Bats, The Defiled, and California Rockers OPM. With their debut album in their pocket, Sanguine are taking on the world like a brutal punch to the face…delivered by a girl.

Tarin Kerrey – Vocals
Nick Magee – Guitar/Vocals
Ross Andrew – Bass
Matt Feld – Drums




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