Dan Quinn – Take Me Away

I really like the female vocal track in this rap/hip hop track. It’s the perfect foil to the male rap portions of the song. She has a really beautiful tone to her voice. The story line of the rap is one I think anyone can relate to male or female. We’ve all been here and understand the pain that comes when a relationship falls apart. Dan’s rap skills are really strong and he does it in a new way. I even like the fact that you can hear his accent from time to time. I think it’s kinda sexy like that.

As far as rap/hip hop this was a pretty good jam. I keep listening to this style of music and I admit that it’s growing on me more and more with every review. I’m not as big a fan of this track as I have been some others that I’ve reviewed but I think that might be the song itself. I would like to listen to more of Dan’s music to see if I can find a song that gives me that spark. I have a strong feeling it’s there so I will be investigating more of his work. For those who are lovers of the genre do yourself a favor and check this track out. Maybe even drop me a line and let me know what you thought of this song.


Who They Are:
Dan Quinn is a soul R&B rapper from the North East of England.

Having struggled to find his niche and find a consistent run of form, towards the end of 2014, he found it. Dan bounced from various different groups, to going back solo once more. When doing so, the music that was created in that particular circle was removed, therefore meaning Dan had to start again.

Dan began writing songs at the age of 12/13 but it wasn’t until January 2012 that he decided to take his writing into actual music. He formed a group named “KDMusicc” which was quickly disbanded, leaving Dan to go solo. At this point, he chose the name “Compound”.

After releasing various singles and a mixtape, “Mixed Signals”, he was struggling to form any kind of fan base. Seeing others vastly increasing in numbers but his always taking a complete standstill, he knew something had to change.

In January 2013, he formed a trio with Anna Hughes and Mackin, named “Next Level”. This is where his entire music game changed and began to gain a few number of fans. They released a few various singles but disbanded in April ’13 for personal reasons.

Dan and Mackin chose to go down a duo path. Next Level was already used, therefore opening the possibility of a copyright breach. They changed the name and chose to go as “NEInspire”. After releasing various different songs and singles on iTunes. In March 2014, they decided to go down solo paths on mutual agreement.

It was at this point Dan struggled to find his way back into the music game. Suffering from anxiety, Dan became anxious and scared to release any form of music. His manager, Ryan Williams then pushed the release of If You Knew on Dan. Dan was still going by the stage name of “Compound” at this point, but shortly after confirming the release, he scrapped the stage name and decided to go on as “Dan Quinn”. After amounting a huge fan base of over 100,000 followers on Twitter, Dan then released the single.

The single received astonishing feedback, it was because of that, Dan’s confidence came back again.

The Band is:
Dan Quinn




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