Inventions – Shadows

I dig the intro, very upbeat with some killer guitar work. The vocals are pretty damn tight as well! It’s got just a touch of a dark vibe kicking off which works well with that speedy tempo. It’s almost tense the way the keep the beat up but not quite to a blazing speed. Then there is this break with a kick your ass guitar solo backed by super sweet drum work. There at the end there is a brilliant run of staccato breaks that works as a brilliant emphasis on the song as a whole.

I liked this one a lot. I thought it had some great elements that came together to help form a damn near perfect tune. I would like to put this on a list with Sick Puppies as I think the music would mesh really well. Just for fun I would also mix up some of my Red stuff in here. Maybe to highlight some of the heavier aspects of the song I might throw something really heavy from a band like Five Finger Death Punch on the same list. I’m considering downloading this track right now and putting that list together to see how it works!


Who They Are:
Inventions are an alternative rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. Freshly formed in late 2013, they are completely independent and have decided to take on the industry on their own terms.

Recorded with producer Dave Petrovic (Tonight Alive, Heroes For Hire, Punk Goes Pop), their debut EP is a strong 5 track pulling together hard rock tones and pop-punk energy into a powerful melodic bundle.

Members hailing from all parts of Australia and New Zealand, they have a good background in songwriting and live performance, and are passionate and excited about being part of the Australian music scene.

The Band is:





Where You Can Get It:

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