David Miller – Sweetheart Girl

This is a very sweet tune. It’s got a groovy mellow rhythm that you can sway to. It has almost a lullaby effect with the musical composition. There is a lot of rich layering with the various instruments.  I kinda feel like this is a throwback of sorts to the progressive country songs of the 70’s. Not just in the musical composition but in the true narrative of the lyrics. This is a story set to music and it’s a wonderful story to boot. The vocals are really soothing and match the lyrics and musical composition perfectly. David has a great sense of works together.


I thought this was a perfect soundtrack song. I think some thing like Princess Bride or Ever After would be a perfect compliment to the style of the song. Personally I don’t listen to a lot of music like this. My son tells me it’s because I’m missing a certain gene. However this would be the perfect song for a proposal. Flowers, a nice candle lit dinner and this as the background music as you pop the question. I mean come on, every thing you need to say is in this song.

After years of working simultaneously in both television broadcasting and the TV theme & jingle business, David Miller is releasing his debut album of new songs. David’s official website for news, downloads & photos.

And like most of his projects, he’s doing it a bit differentially. Rather than releasing an album all at once, he is sharing new singles (about one every month) until the album is complete. As each song is mastered, they will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon as well as directly from the official store at http://www.DavidMiller.TV/ Releasing singles one at a time will allow the audience to share in the creation of the album. Through social media listeners can comment on exactly what they like and what they want to hear in future songs.

Collectively, the singles are an eclectic mix of pop, rock, and orchestral styles and themes. David explains, “One thing that commercial music teaches you is how to sound like anything and everything all at the same time. One day you are producing something quirky and sweet, then the next day it’s a blend of R&B and symphonic.” David’s music is a mashup of analog and digital . . . featuring a large variety of acoustic instruments along with many one of a kind virtual instruments created for his own sample library. David says, “Every song is different. I try to make each song unique and special. About the only real thread through this album is the voice.” When asked about his writing style he says, “It’s all about the melody . . . simple, memorable melodies that stick in your head . . . That’s what drives me.”

It was at the age of six when David Miller started playing music on an organ made for kids. He was writing short songs and performing them for his first grade class. At seven, he began taking drum lessons. By the age of fifteen he was playing drums, piano and guitar, and recording his own songs in his bedroom. As a kid, David loved playing drums. In high school he was an award winning jazz soloist. He was the drummer for “Young Sounds”, a jazz band made up of elite high school musicians.

David grew up surrounded by the broadcasting and music businesses. His uncle is Jack Miller, a pioneering recording engineer who has recorded The Rolling Stones, Waylon Jennings, Duane Eddy, and hundreds of other top stars. David’s father Bill Miller is an award winning writer, producer, journalist and entrepreneur. He’s had a successful career, in broadcast television, radio, print, and digital media. David’s Grandfather was a Banjo player who spent his life in the printing & advertising business. David has done just about every job you can do in the media business. Working in broadcasting since high school, he has been a video editor, writer, producer, photographer, 3D animator, web developer, and music producer. David is a partner in MagicDust Television, developers of the Nationally syndicated daily TV show “RightThisMinute.” He also operates IdeaFarm, a commercial production music business with a large catalog of broadcast TV show/news themes, commercial tracks and jingles. It is hard to imagine that with a history of so many shows and so many tracks, that David has never released an album of full length songs. David says, “I had always hoped to someday release an album, but I spent all my time and energy writing and producing 30 second themes for TV. It was a good way to help support my family. For all those years, making jingles seemed more responsible than singing songs and making albums.” But all of that is changing. The album project is well underway and new singles are being released.

Today, David is still married to his high school sweetheart, Kay. Together they have raised two amazing and talented sons, Adam and Ian. They all live happily ever after in Arizona along with a border collie, a siamese cat and two horses.

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