Jukebox Monkey – Dead Wait

My initial thoughts were “I love that dirty guitar sound”! Also loving the slow burn tempo on the drum line. I’m certainly feeling a sense of anticipation. So so the vocals are the payoff on this song. There is something so freaking Tool about the way the guy sings it’s insane. There is a bit of grit to his voice that seems to be at his beck and call. Bringing it out for the versus then reeling it back on the chorus was a brilliant move. I also noted a few perfectly timed vocal breaks that work so well with the overall song. I would say this qualifies as a hard rock tune due to the steady mid tempo drum line and the guitar style. All the players work together to create the perfect storm of rock music, complete with a Rock Band worth guitar solo.


JukeBox Monkey is going on my server and my phone. There was so much that I liked about this track it’s hard to put into words. I could queue this up with some Tool or Theory of a Deadman and it would work so well with either. It has an odd floaty sense that I love in music. It makes me want to do nothing more than sit and sway while listening. Make sure you check this one out or your going to be sorry!

Jukebox Monkey – a four-piece southern stoner rock juggernaut formed in 2010 from the deep dark inbred forests of Kent, UK – return with their latest slice of riff-dom, Vs Time.

Defined by their monolithic groove-stomping stoner rock, their sound steals shamelessly from Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC alongside modern head-butts to Down, Clutch and Kyuss.

Vs Time, out on Jan 12th 2015, is 5 fat slabs of heavy pounding sonic assault that will take you on a bass-bruising progressive journey which you’ll not want to end.

The monkey is loose, on the road in 2015 and it’s after your throat. If you see it, don’t feed it.

The Band is:

Chris D- Vocals and guitar
Pete – Drums
Chris H- Guitar
Niki J – Bass




Where You Can Get It:

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