Dissident By Birth – Generation Bullshit

Some people say they need time to wake up in the morning before they listen to some thrashy metal like this. I say grow some balls! This is an awesome wake up track (I proved that this morning). I love the driving rhythm to the song and the way it matches the fierce guitar work. Some of those riffs are about as perfect as a riff can get. The vocals are an amazing mix of clean and screaming vocals. The lyrics are really well written and quite angry from what I could make out. I just loved the percussion work on this track, fast and heavy with a take no prisoner’s attitude.

I like it fast, loud and heavy so this track was right up my alley. I didn’t really get into screaming vocal styles until rather late in the game (read the last 10/15 years). I used to be a pop princess believe it or not but now a days I’m much happier sitting down and jamming it out to some thing heavy. Considering their guitar style I would put this on a playlist with some old school Pantera. Who would you put on a list with this song?


Who They Are:
Dissident By Birth, originally known as Dissident Aggressors(then just Dissident) is a Crossover – Thrash – Metalcore band that was formed in 2006 in Teramo,Abruzzo Italy.
The early lineup was composed of young drummer Lorenzo Renzetti, guitarist Martino Sgattoni, an improvised bass player and lead singer David Di Girolamo. This four-piece quickly changed as the band was trying to write their primordial material! Regardless of the very unsupportive musical scene of their hometown the Metal Act managed to release two Juvenile demos and gigged sporadically with italian Death Metal bands. Reduced only to Three components, frustated by the local evironment, Martino Sgattoni and David Di Girolamo decided to split . In 2014 what was the brainchild of Martino Sgattoni(lead and rhythm guitar,composer) and David Di Girolamo(vocals and lyricist) found new life with the fresh injection of new drummer Daniele Lupisella(20 years old) and bass player Roberto D’amico . Dissident By Birth was finally (re)born! This new lineup detached from previous incarnations embracing Hardcore/Crossover rather than Death Metal, in addition to their Thrash Metal sound.
Although the band is inspired by icons such as Exodus, Slayer, Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies and modern Metalcore masters as Hatebreed and the likes, Dissident By Birth acknowledges no limitation to their sound as each and every member comes from a different backgroud. Anyway their sound can be easly referred to as Thrash Metal with Hardcore attitude . Dissident By Birth is now playing live shows wherever they can, uncompromised and constantly improving.

The Band is:
Martino D. Sgattoni
David Di Girolamo
Daniele Lupisella
Roberto D’amico





Where You Can Get It:

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