Jen Levins – Into Sin

Jen’s lyrics really make this song worth listening to. I also really liked the guitar line here and the lack of other instruments. I’ve always loved hearing music striped down like this. It’s so very personal and intimate when presented like this. She has a very clean vocal style with a mostly full round tune. I love it when she’s rocking the lower end of her register. During those moments there is something about her voice that reminds me of some of the older Hole songs. Courtney had this ‘whatever’ kind of thing going on with the vocal style of a lot of her work. It wasn’t an absence of feeling or connection to the song, just an ‘it is what it is’ vibe I guess. Jen Levins also has that skill and is able to use it well to underline certain lines of the lyrics in a wonderful way.

I enjoyed this track enough I would check out more. I don’t’ know if I would download it to my personal library just because honestly I’m generally looking for something a bit more upbeat when I’m listening to music for pleasure. However I do heartily recommend that you take a listen to it.


Who They Are:

Handmade, the latest offering from Jen Levins, has been described as “naked and fragile” by Tigerstrom (Sweden). The song “Into Sin” is an intimate look at loosing innocence with age. The haunting “Pale Skies” is an ode to the late Layne Staley of Alice in Chains – “I’ve been waiting a hundred years to see your ghost/where did you go”. Jen performs at venues throughout the Philadelphia area and has received radio play on WSTW’s Hometown Heroes. Her rapidly growing fanbase has brought her consistently into the local top 10 on Reverberation.

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The Band is:
Jen Levins





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