Down To Friend – Unauthorized Party of Destruction

At first I was totally feeling this 80’s vibe with the beat and guitars. But as soon as the vocals kicked it it was so much more! This is a really great upbeat poppy/punk style with some really interesting switch ups. So you get into the song and as it turns out there is a hell of a metal break. For reference think Sum 41’s Pain for Pleasure. The vocals are nothing short of saweeeeet! With the style change up’s you might assume that at least one vocal style would “suffer”. I gotta say that there is nothing like that. The vocal transitions are flawless. Musically it’s a great rockin’ tempo to keep you moving and all the players kill it on this track. This is one well oiled machine.

Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: Absolutely. I love fun punky poppy music especially when it comes with such a sweet treat with those stupid cool metal moments.


Who They Are: Down To Friend is a six piece pop-punk/hardcore band from Dallas, TX. With an explosive live show and a feel good party vibe, DTF brings the party wherever they go. With the release of their debut E.P. “So Awesome, It’s Stupid”, DTF has hit the ground running and gained alot of momentum and an extensive fan base from all around the nation. The self proclaimed “pop punk party kings” are hitting the road this summer in support of the debut ep.

The Band is:

Randy – Vox
Roger – Guitar
Jimbo – Guitar
Kris – Drums
SX – Brutal vox/Electronics/Keys
Danny “The Wolf Dick” – Bass

Where You Can Buy It:

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