Sweet – Ballroom Blitz

Full disclosure: I’ve been listening to this song for years. It’s one of those songs that I defy you to put on and not immediately get into a better mood and start headbanging. The vocalist has a very unique voice with it’s higher range and raspy quality. He can run it smooth when he feels like it to. And let’s face it what most people are going to remember most from this song is the voice and that always on drum line.


Would I Listen to More of Their Stuff: I already have this song, and I’ve listened to other Sweet songs. Gotta love it.


Who They Are: The Sweet epitomized the UK 70s Glam Rock movement with their trademark glitter and glam make-up. The Sweet were also a force to be reckoned with in pure rock music terms too. The Hits stand the test of time and the current line-up with original guitarist Andy Scott still keep the audiences shouting for more!

The Band is:

Andy Scott,
Bruce Bisland,
Pete Lincoln,
Tony O’Hora

Where You Can Buy It:

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