Dream Alive – See You Tonight

This song is all about the power cords. Personally I think that is a lovely thing, I am after all a child of the 80’s at heart. There is nothing about this song that doesn’t take me back to the days when I was listening to bands like Foreigner, Journey and Boston. I’m actively imagining them all in tight pants and feathered hair. The vocals are big and round, perfect for an arena venue. The guitar work is a bit reminiscent of some of the stuff I remember from Bruce Springsteen off the ‘Born in the USA’ album. The drum line is a clean and classic rock line that you can really sink your teeth into.

I love this track. I wanna get it on my I love the 80’s playlist. I actually have several current bands on that list. Mostly because I think that there is a resurgence of that guitar/drum style coming back in some wonderful ways. This song while there was a total reto 80’s thing happening it felt really light and fresh to me. The vocals were stellar and the vocalist had a great range. Fans of that 70’s/80’s feel should really love this track.


Who They Are:

It is fitting that Los Angeles-based Dream Alive founding members Nik Phoeniks and Ramon Ryder initially met at the famed Rainbow Bar and Grill on the Sunset Strip – a haunt that has played host to music’s most esteemed icons for decades. Nik and Ramon were both in other bands at the time, but immediately bonded over the yearn to create a more original, transcendent body of work and about their common influences such as Pink Floyd, Muse and Journey.
“The core of Dream Alive is melodic pop rock,” says Nik. “But we’re always interested in expanding our musicality to incorporate everything from a psychedelic direction to cinematic range. We want to bridge the gap between our classic rock roots and our modern rock influences.”
In order to achieve that expansive and epic sound, the pair enlisted the talents of lead guitarist Karan Parikh, bassist Martin Fredriksson and drummer Stanley Love. After tracking drums at Simon Phillips’ (Toto, Judas Priest, Michael Schenker Group) Phantom Recordings in Van Nuys, the band recorded the rest of the tracks at Karan’s K Loft Studios where Dream Alive self-produced their debut album, Before The Dawn.
“We spent innumerable nights in the studio creating and experimenting with tones. Our aim was to discover new sounds that would do justice to the material, while giving audiences something they haven’t heard before,” explains Karan.
Before The Dawn’s dynamic, inimitable style shines through on the first single “Don’t Say No,” which merges classic rock bombast with a modern energy of big harmonies that are immediately irresistible.
“The album’s theme is that of overcoming obstacles,” shares Ramon. “We all have fears and insecurities to battle, but if we rise above, we can be triumphant.”
“Waiting So Long” and “We All Move On” offer a gust of guitar riffs, lithe and lush keyboards, and a percussive boom. Meanwhile, “See You Tonight” kicks off with a resounding propulsive six-string and piano harmony, and “Away From You” slips from a chugging groove into a shimmering refrain.
Dream Alive reflects the same spirit of the legends who have frequented their initial breeding ground, and now they too, are poised to etch their own place in history.

The Band is:
Nik Phoeniks – Lead Vocals/Keyboards
Ramon Ryder – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Karan Parikh – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Martin Fredriksson – Bass
Stanley Love – Drums





Where You Can Get It:

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