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I met Zombie Sam via twitter. He and I spoke several times about reviewing his music, which I was excited to do after reading some of his fan’s feedback. Even that didn’t prepare me for what ZS had in store for me. His music is an journey with many acts. The stories he tells are mesmerizing in both lyrics and musical composition. I really loved his turn of phrase with the lyrics. It was like following the white rabbit down it’s hole. Both beautiful and scary it’s an adventure well worth going on.

I was equally excited for the opportunity to do a Q&A with him. As enchanted as I was with his music I had a lot of questions for the man behind it. Below are my questions for Zombie Sam along with his answers.

Zombie Sam
Image courtesy of Zombie Sam.


MB: After listening to your album I’ve come to realize there is nothing musically you can’t do. Is there anything you feel you have yet to master?

ZS: Oh well lots of things I guess. We only show 1% of what we can really do, I mean I can do many things and arrange many genres but I’m pretty sure I want to create more. Though it might not be clear now what, but surely I will and I surely have more.

It’s a bit difficult to explain but I have everything in my head. I remember studying at the Music Academy. Teachers were calling me weird because I had weird ideas. I used to write music and study it from a different point of view. After graduating they still tell me that!! But they also said someday my name would be somewhere around because of that.

Today I’m looking for new stuff in order to create a different emotional environment around my music whatever genre it is.


MB: Most of your work has a definite soundtrack feel. Is that where you are working to take your talents to?

ZS: Yes of course, nobody uses classical skills on modern music that can be Industrial, dance or whatever.. I mean I studied things in a classical academy, there are so many techniques that nobody knows or uses. If they do know they refuse to mix them up. Expression is the most important thing in music, or at least that’s what I think. I take whatever music genre I have in my hands and I add my style which is a Cinematic. It’s like making a soundtrack itself although it’s not a real soundtrack. I think that’s my mark. Then being a soundtrack composer it’s what I aim to the most. I worked all around Europe in theaters with Orchestras and I loved it, I’ve dreamed about this since I was a kid so I will keep going that way!

MB: There is an amazing amount of imagery in your music. It made me wonder what influences you. What are some of the bands that are on your personal playlist?

ZS: Aha, here it’s a real long topic because as I’ve already said in other interviews I’m a weird person and I don’t get influenced by the usual stuff. I’ll explain myself. I’m a spiritual person so as 1st point I get inspired from nature, people, the energy all around me, feelings and many other things. You know, many times we don’t consider what we have all around us which is totally bad. I mean the universe gives us amazing things and I don’t really get inspired from any artist. I don’t think that’s an original thing. We cannot create new things if we look at others people stuff. Oh well, In my personal playlist I have lots of composers from soundtracks like Danny Elfman, John Williams, James Horner and many others but bands.. not many, I do I have Rob Zombie because I find him very interesting at least the old stuff. Blink 182, Angel and Airwaves but honestly not many bands. I listen to many but I consider my playlist something rare to be in. (laughs)


MB: Aside from boasting an incredible musical skill-set, you are also president of Invictus Media. What is Invictus Media about?

ZS: Yes I cannot say many things about it because we haven’t officially launched it yet. It’s all about art in general. Co- president Sophia (from Season Of Ghosts) & I decided to use our skills for a real company to work in music productions in every genre and few other things. The website will be up very soon so make sure to check it out in the near future.


MB: Who is someone you would like to work with?

ZS: MANY  and NOBODY hahahaha does it make any sense? In my head yes haha jokes apart really too many!


MB: What was it like for you to work under Claudio Abbado?

ZS: Claudio Abbado passed away last year and in my opinion was the best Orchestra conductor in the world. I learned many things from that person and he was actually an example for many also as person!


MB: I hear you’re doing something special for Christmas. Care to elaborate on it or is it a surprise for your fans?

ZS: Yes I wanted to do it last year but I couldn’t. I finally arranged Carol Of the Bells in a soundtrack flavor…mixing real strings with many modern styles.. I wanted to do it and I finally did it!! The song is gonna be a free download, It’s my gift to all my fans. I hope people will appreciate it. I will release it through my updated website which is gonna be up in a few days.



I’ve had several opportunities to chat with ZS and have found him to be such a amazing person! His commitment to his art is to be admired. I have totally enjoyed every thing that I’ve heard from him. If you want my thoughts you can read the track by track review I did of his album Self Conscious Insanity on my RebelMouse blog.

*I would like to thank ZS for being my test subject with these Q&A interviews. Zombie Sam was such a sport about the interview. Sadly the day it was supposed to go up (after we both promo’d it) I lost internet access. I want to that him for being patient with me on getting the interview up.

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